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Remember Wet’n Wild? One of the best water parks in Cancun. Well, now it has transformed into Ventura Park, a new concept featuring 6 worlds and groups of attractions that make it an unprecedented family entertainment center in the area.

At Ventura Park Cancun, you can still enjoy refreshing pools, but now you can also test your courage with the only zip line and hanging bridges in the Hotel Zone. That’s not all; Ventura Park also boasts the only roller coaster and a virtual reality gaming center!

Description of Ventura Park Cancun Worlds



  • Get ready to scream like Tarzan at Ventura Park with this incredible expedition full of challenges and adventure. Fill yourself with adrenaline with the only zip lines in the Hotel Zone. Conquer vertigo through hanging bridges for both kids and adults; jump over 20 meters into the void!
  • Tarzania. A unique attraction! The combination of a roller coaster and a zip line on a journey of over 250 meters with spectacular views of the Caribbean.
  • Caribbean Zipline. Cross the entire park at a height of 25 meters on this circuit of 4 zip lines.
  • River Zipline. 2 zip line lines on a route of over 200 meters above our famous Lazy River.
  • Heli Jump. Conquer your fears by jumping into the void from over 20 meters in this controlled leap not suitable for the faint-hearted!
  • Skywalk. Dare to accept the challenge of crossing 2 circuits with over 6 hanging bridges each. Just don’t look down!
  • Netland. Exclusive bridge circuit for kids and young at heart; navigate 9 bridges surrounded by nets in this adrenaline-filled adventure in total safety.
  • Crazy Jump. Jump platform that includes 3 different landing forms.
    Step Up. Activity that tests your skill as you climb on logs of increasing height, always anchored to a safety system.

Aaah!Ventura ventura park



Tight turns, speeds of up to 40 km/h: prove your skill on our challenging circuit of over 250 meters, next to the sea.
Go karts.

  • Individuals. If you are over 16 years old and measure 1.40m in height, you can drive a Go Kart yourself.
  • Double Go Karts. Ideal for children accompanying an adult or for couples who like to share everything.


Fun World


A world of classic and family fun that Ventura Park has for you. Where you can ride the only roller coaster in Cancun, fly just meters from the Caribbean Sea in our flying chairs, and remember old times on a classic traditional carousel.
Hurricane. A roller coaster for young and old. Enjoy unparalleled views before descending, ascending, and spinning as if you were inside a real hurricane.

  • Flying Chairs. In this attraction, you’ll feel like you’re flying above the Caribbean Sea.
  • Carousel. Fill yourself with tradition and share an unforgettable moment with the family by spinning on our old carousel.

Fun World ventura park cancun mexico


Travel to the future in this “gamer” center of Ventura Park with the highest laser and virtual reality technology. You’ve never seen anything like it!

  • The Mission. Become a secret agent and don’t let them discover you in this laser maze. Compete with your friends and complete the mission!
  • Laser Tanks. The premiere of a new way to see traditional bumper cars. Beat your opponents in this incredible interactive laser tag game. Be careful! If you get hit, you’ll soon be spinning out of control in your state-of-the-art tank.
  • V Revolution. The most advanced Virtual Reality technology comes to Cancun. Run, jump, and shoot as if you were on a real battlefield. (Premiere May 2016).
  • Star Wars Battle Pods. Battle the dark side of the force in the latest version of the successful saga’s video games.

Underworld ventura park

Wet’n Wild

Wet’n Wild at Ventura Park Cancun. Refresh in our Wave Pool or relax and let yourself float in our Lazy River, slide down our 4 slides as many times as you want, or conquer the challenge of the new Aqua Challenge. For the little ones, we also have the Kids Park and for the bravest little ones, the Wet Bubble.

  • Wave Pool. Enjoy continuous fun in this sensational pool with waves up to 1 meter high!
  • Lazy River. Enjoy a river of calm and crystal-clear waters to float and enjoy nature under the splendid Caribbean sun, more than 300 m. in unforgettable relaxation.
  • Twister. Launch yourself on a two-person tire at a speed that will make you vibrate with excitement through fun curves.
  • Kamikaze. Experience strong adrenaline emotions, with a rapid descent between refreshing currents and curves for an unforgettable experience.
  • Bubba Tub. Enjoy launching with the whole family on a giant tire (max. 4 people), experiencing 6 stories of fun, sliding through surprising hollows, and a refreshing landing.
  • Double Space Bowl. For the most daring, we built these space bowls, where you can slide from a height of 15 m. down a fun slide at over 50 km/h, finishing the journey with a refreshing dive into a 3 m. deep pool.
  • Kids Park. For the little ones, nothing better than an exclusive pool for children with everything they need to have fun.
  • Wet Bubble. Children have the challenge of reaching the top of the bubble, where they can jump and then slide on its slippery surface for a cool splashdown.
  • Aqua Challenge. Manage to dodge obstacles, complete the course, and challenge your friends.

Wetn Wild ventura park mexico


Make magical moments happen at Dolphinaris Ventura Park! Refresh yourself with our beautiful dolphin family participating in interactive programs where you can kiss them, fly over the water in a fabulous “foot push,” or even become a dolphin trainer for a day.

  • Dolphin Interactive Program (DIP). Recommended for children and people who don’t swim very well. Interaction takes place on a platform in the water where you can touch, caress, hug, and even kiss a dolphin, and if you’re lucky, it might kiss you back.
  • Dolphin Swim & Ride (DSR). Our most popular swim. Swim freely with our dolphins, watch them underwater with a visor, and take a ride through our lagoon holding onto their fins.
  • Dolphin Swim Program (DSP). Our most complete program, conducted in small groups and with 2 dolphins per group, perform the incredible foot push and fly over the water.

Dolphinaris ventura park

Ventura Park Reviews

Ventura Park, a captivating entertainment center in Cancun, has captured the attention of visitors from all corners of the globe. Its thrilling attractions, ranging from dizzying roller coasters to virtual reality experiences, have left a lasting impression on those seeking unforgettable adventures. But what do those who have experienced Ventura Park firsthand really say?

Visitor reviews and testimonials are the true testament to the magic that this park offers. Discover below what other adventurers have to say about their experiences at Ventura Park. Immerse yourself in a world of emotions and opinions that make Ventura Park a must-visit destination in Cancun!

Name Date Opinion
Esaú T. 10/25/2023 An incredible day! We had a wonderful time at Ventura Park Cancun. The attractions are great, the staff is very friendly, and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. I totally recommend it!
Ana M. 10/24/2023 We had a great time at Ventura Park Cancun. The attractions are a lot of fun, and the staff is very friendly. However, the food is a bit expensive.
Juan P. 10/23/2023 Ventura Park Cancun is a fantastic amusement park. The attractions are very exciting, and the staff is very attentive. A very fun day!
Luis A. 10/22/2023 A good amusement park. The attractions are suitable for all ages, and the staff is friendly. However, the lines for the attractions can be long.
María G. 10/21/2023 An incredible amusement park! The attractions are very exciting, and the staff is very friendly. We will definitely come back!
Pedro L. 10/20/2023 A very fun amusement park. The attractions are suitable for all ages, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I recommend it!
Martha C. 10/19/2023 An unforgettable day! The attractions are very exciting, and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommended amusement park!
José M. 10/18/2023 A good amusement park. The attractions are suitable for all ages, and the staff is friendly. However, the entrance fee is a bit expensive.
Sandra S. 10/17/2023 A fantastic amusement park! The attractions are very exciting, and the staff is very attentive. A very fun day!
David F. 10/16/2023 A good amusement park. The attractions are suitable for all ages, and the staff is friendly. However, the lines for the attractions can be long.
Juan R. 10/26/2023 “I had a great time at Ventura Park Cancun. The attractions are very fun, and the staff is very friendly. I will definitely repeat!”
Mónica M. 10/27/2023 “Ventura Park Cancun is a very complete amusement park. There are attractions for all ages, and the staff is always attentive. Highly recommended!”
Andrés G. 10/28/2023 “The attractions at Ventura Park Cancun are very exciting. I felt like a child. I will be back!”
Laura B. 10/29/2023 “The staff at Ventura Park Cancun is very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to help. Very good service!”
Luisa S. 10/30/2023 “The food at Ventura Park Cancun is very good. There are options for all tastes. I liked it a lot!”
Antonio C. 10/31/2023 “The facilities at Ventura Park Cancun are very well-maintained. The park is clean and tidy. Very good maintenance!”
Marta F. 11/01/2023 “Ventura Park Cancun is a very fun amusement park. It’s a good place to spend a day with family or friends. I recommend it!”
Miguel A. 11/02/2023 “The entrance fee at Ventura Park Cancun is a bit expensive. However, it’s worth it for the attractions and the service the park offers. I liked it a lot!”
Cristina L. 11/03/2023 “Ventura Park Cancun is a highly recommended amusement park. It’s a good place to spend a day of fun. I will be back!”
Pedro V. 11/04/2023 “The lines for the attractions at Ventura Park Cancun can be long. However, the park has many attractions, so there is always something to do. I had a good time!”

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